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Denim Isn't Dead

by Born Clothing 29 Jul 2022

As time goes on so does our ever growing love for classic denim. Jackets, jeans, dresses, if it’s denim, we want it. At Born, we love denim and it shows. No matter what time of year it is, we will have it stocked & ready for you to shop. 

 The Basics

Every wardrobe needs a splash of denim, and that’s a given. It’s no longer a ‘trend’, it’s become indented into the fashion industry and there’s no going back. Throughout each season, denim shows its face. 

Think it’s safe to say we all have at least one pair of jeans in our wardrobe. Any wash jeans styled with a plain white tee is such a classic, put together look. Whatever the style, whatever the wash, we’ve got it. Online and in our stores you’ll find high waisted, mom style, high rise, loose, mid rise, straight leg, the list goes on. 

Jeans are made to experiment with. Go up a size for a more relaxed or oversized fit or stick with your trusted size for a regular fit. 

Get adventurous and add a pop of colour with a blazer or jacket of your choice - an edgy workwear look or just an evening out with the girls for some drinks. It simply works every time. 

Let’s keep the denim rolling, a denim jacket is probably the world’s greatest summer wardrobe staple. Layer over a simple slip dress for evening dinners or date nights. Add some glam accessories to give it a bit of sparkle and pizzazz. During the daytime, pair with a t-shirt and jeans or trousers. The piece can be brought into the winter time no doubt. It’s the perfect third piece to an outfit.

With unpredictable weather being a given year after year, our denim jacket will be at the ready year round. Owning a handful of denim jackets will is convenient. One that is flattering, feels comfortable and has a bit of stretch in it. You can wear this style with just about everything. Dresses, jeans, trousers, skirts, sweatpants. Seriously. Everything. Once you’ve got the classic nailed you can start expanding the collection. Oversized boyfriend denim jackets are great for that cool street style look. They’re great paired over girly springy dresses. I also love my oversized denim jacket for traveling. It’s perfect with leggings and is roomy enough to add a sweatshirt underneath it too. And then of course the next step is, adding a coloured one to the mix. 




Denim on Denim

Pairing denim with even more denim is indeed a great idea – a monochrome look outside of black or white - the concept of pairing one jean item with another is the epitome of a fashion 

Go for a workwear feel or an elegant look depending on the weight, shape and wash of the denim you choose.

The controversial duo is increasing in popularity as we see more and more familiar faces rock the look. Pulling it off and making it look easy and chic. Styling your favourite pair of jeans with your go-to denim jacket shouldn’t feel daunting - try it out!

Who doesn’t want to pair their favourite denim jacket with their favourite pair of jeans? From dark jeans paired with a light jean shirt or matching denim pieces in colours other than blue to an oversized denim shirt with a denim skirt, the options are pretty endless—and easy to pull off. 


Shop all denim at Born both in our stores online now




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